5 Worst Online Dates (Part 1)

Online dating can be both exciting and terrifying, it gives people who don’t normally have a chance to get out and meet people a chance to find love. The problem with online dating is that you don’t really know who you are talking to. That woman could be a man, that 18-year-old could really be a 50-year-old, and that person who seems like the perfect date could be a murderer.

 Ingrid Lyne/John Robert Charlton

Ingrid Lyne
Ingrid Lyne

Ingrid Lyne was a 40-year-old nurse from Seattle and a divorced mother of 3. She met John Robert Carlton on an online dating website, they dated for about 6 to 8 weeks before her last date with him. On April 8th, 2016 she went on a date with Charlton to a Seattle Mariners game and then to a bar where Lyne’s sister worked, this was the last time friends and family had seen her. Lyne’s mother reported her missing the next day on April 9th after Ingrid’s ex-husband went to drop off their 3 daughters for their Saturday morning visit. Lyne’s mother texted Charlton the day she reported her daughter missing asking if he knew anything which he denied.

Around 4pm the same day a severed head, arm, and leg were found by in a recycling bin, police also found flesh and blood in the plumbing of the bathtub along with a 15-inch pruning saw in Lyne’s bathroom. Charlton was arrested on April 11th, 2016 and charged with first degree murder and auto theft, he claims to have blacked out in downtown Seattle and woke up with injuries to his face and body.

John Robert Charlton
John R. Charlton
Credit: Montana Department of Corrections

John Robert Charlton had a history of violence and addiction to crack cocaine. He was also described as an angry drunk by his ex-girlfriend. His parents had a restraining order on him because of his violent outburst which caused him to be physically and verbally abusive. He also had a long list of prior convictions which included aggravated robbery, felony, theft, grand theft motor vehicle, assault, and third degree larceny. He had also been arrested for battery.


Warriena Wright/Gable Tostee

Warriena Wright
Warriena Wright

Warriena Wright was a 26-year-old New Zealand woman who met Gable Tostee on dating app, Tinder. Tostee was an avid Tinder user who enjoyed bragging about his sexual encounters with the women that he met online. On August 8th, 2014 Wright, who was in Australia for her friend’s wedding, met Tostee for a date after they spoke on Tinder. After a night of drinking, Wright returned to Tostee’s apartment where witnesses heard loud screaming. At about 2:20 am, Wright fell from the 14th floor of Tostee’s Avalon Apartments on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Tostee has been charged with murder although he denies any involvement in her death, he has made multiple Facebook posts defending himself and accusing the media of twisting facts and taking comments out of context. He also had a sound recording which recorded Wright’s last hours which includes him saying


“I thought you were kidding and I have taken enough, this is fucking bullshit… You are lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony you God damn psycho little bitch.”


This statement was made at 2:15 am, just 5 minutes before the fall. Wright’s final words were “Just let me go home,” after that she is heard screaming.


You can read the full transcript here http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/61129194/timeline-the-night-warriena-wright-died

Sharon Siermans/Jason John Dinsley

Sharon Seirmans
Sharon Siermans

Sharon Siermans was a 29-year-old mother from Australia who met Jason John Dinsley on dating website Plenty of Fish. She met Dinsley at a Ballarat train station on January 19th 2013. Siermans asked a friend to text her informing her that there was an emergency with her son and that she needed to go to the hospital. Later on she told her family and friends that Dinsley showed up wearing dirty clothes and that she was embarrassed to be seen with him. They hadn’t spoken to each other until Saturday April 6th at about 2am. According to Dinsley, he had an anxiety attack and decided to go for a walk, as he passed Sierman’s home on Doveton Street he was angry and felt that he had to do something. Dinsley told police

“I started thinking about all the times I’ve been rejected in the past and it all just bubbled up.”

He also told police that he just “flipped.” He then walked back to his home and retrieved a cricket bat then he returned to Siermans home where he broke in through a window. Siermans confronted him after she heard a noise, that is when Dinsley hit her with the cricket bat and she fell to the ground. He continued hitting Siermans who was screaming until Dinsley put his hand over her mouth and told her to shut up. Siermans managed to get up and told Dinsley that she needed to go to her son’s room after she heard him wake up. After she checked on her son, Dinsley forced Siermans to the master bedroom demanding that she does whatever he wanted or she would be killed.

Jason John Dinsley
Jason John Dinsley

Once Dinsley got her into the bedroom he held a pocket knife to her throat and tried to rape her but he wasn’t able to get an erection. He then continued to beat her until she was dead. Seirmans body was found at about 10:30 am after a friend, Anna Bruce, became concerned that she hadn’t answered any calls or texts and drove over to check on her. She walked in to see Siermans son still in his pajama’s. When she asked where his mommy was he said

“There was a big man come last night and he bashed mummy with a baseball bat. Mummy won’t wake up to give me any breakfast.”

Bruce’s boyfriend, who was with her, checked the bedroom and found Siermans lying on the floor with a blanket covering her legs and hips. Dinsley plead guilty to the murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Jette Jacobs/Orowo Jesse Omokoh

Orowo Jesse Omokoh and Jette Jacobs
Orowo Jesse Omokoh and Jette Jacobs

Jette Jacobs was a 67-year-old widow and grandmother from Australia who met Orowo Jesse Omokoh online, she felt that she found a man who could take away her loneliness and start a new life with. Unfortunately, after Jacobs traveled to South Africa to meet Omokoh in person her dreams of a new life ended. The 28-year-old Nigerian man conned her out more than $200,000 in the 3 years that they continued their online affair. Jacobs went to South Africa thinking that she would marry Omokoh, however it turns out that he was connected to an organized criminal network. On February 9th Jette Jacob’s was found in a rented home next to a bottle of pills which was the cause of death, she was found with her jewelry, money, credit cards, and other valuables missing. Omokoh denied any involvement and had escaped back to Nigeria where he was arrested.

Ashley Pegram/Edward Bonilla

Ashley Pegram
Ashley Pegramz

28-year-old mother of 3, Ashley Pegram, from South Carolina met 30-year-old Edward Bonilla through messaging app Kik. On April 3rd, 2015 Pegram left at around 9pm to meet Bonilla for a date, she never made it back according to her family. A message was found that was sent by Bonilla that said

“Hope you made it home okay. Sorry I left you at the gas station.”

According to police, Pegram was last seen on surveillance cameras at a gas station where she got out of the car, went into a convenience store, and then returned to the car. The two then drove away together at around 1am, although it is not clear if it was Bonilla seen on video.

Pegrams body was found with the help of cadaver dogs buried in a wooded area in Harleyville. Autopsy reports ruled the death a homicide and that it was in fact Ashley Pegram although they did not release any more details. A search warrant led to the discovery of blood that matched Pegram’s DNA in the trunk of Bonilla’s vehicle.

Edward Bonilla was initially charged with obstruction and then later charged with murder.

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