5 Terrible Killers

Killers are everywhere, some kill more people but they are all equally terrible. These people are some of the most terrible serial killers there are.

Caution: This article may be disturbing to some people.

  1. Daniel Camargo Barbos

Daniel Camargo Barbosa
Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel Camargo Barbosa aka The Sadist of Chanquito was a serial killer from Colombia, South America. He allegedly raped and murdered over 150 young girls during the 1970’s and 80’s. His raping and killing spree lasted throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. His mother died when he was a little boy and his father was emotionally neglectful and overbearing. He also had an abusive stepmother who punished him and dressed in girls clothes, ridiculing him in front of his other kids his age.

Camargo had two children with a woman named Alcira, however he fell in love with another woman, Esperanza who was 28 at the time. He planned on marrying Esperanza however he found out that she wasn’t a virgin. He and Esperanza came to an agreement that he would remain with her if she helped him find virgin girls to have sex with.

They became a team, Esperanza would lure the young girls to an apartment under false pretenses and then drug them with sodium seconal sleeping pills, Camargo would then rape them. They committed 5 rapes but did not kill the girls. The 5th child reported the crime, and they were both arrested. Camargo was convicted of sexual assault in Colombia.

At first Camargo was sentenced to only 3 years in prison, Camargo was grateful for the leniency and swore to repent. A new judge took over the case and he was sentenced to 8 years in prison, this threw Camargo into a rebellious anger he served his full sentence and was then released.

In 1973, he took a job as a street vendor in Barranquilla where he sold television screens. While passing by a school one day, he kidnapped a 9 year old girl, he raped and murdered her in order to keep her from going to the police like his previous victim. The 9 year old girl had been his first of many murders.

On May 3rd, 1974, he was arrested and although he is thought to have raped and killed more than 80 girls, he was only charged with the rape and murder of the 9 year old girls. He was initially sentenced to 30 years, however his sentence was reduced to 25.

In 1984 Camargo escaped from prison in a boat after he studied the ocean currents, the police assumed him dead and the media claimed that he had been eaten by sharks. He arrived in Ecuador where he continued his work as a serial killer/rapist. On December 18th 1984, he abducted a 9 year old girl from Quevedo, a province of Los Rios Ecuador, and the next day a 10 year old girl also disappeared.

Between 1984 and 1986 he committed at least 54 rapes and murders. The deaths were thought to be the work of a gang, they didn’t believe one man could kill so many. He sold clothing and small valuables that belonged to his victims.

Camargo would lure his victims into the woods, if his victims grew suspicious he would prevent them from leaving. Camargo raped the girls, then he would strangle them, he would stab them if they resisted. Once his victims were dead he would leave their bodies in the forest so that they could be picked clean by scavengers.

He was arrested just moments after he murdered a 9 year old girl named Elizabeth. He was carrying the bloody clothes of his latest victim and a copy of Crime and Punishment. He confessed to 71 girls in Ecuador since his escape from prison. He led police to the bodies which had been dismembered by a machete which he used to hack and crush the girls. He claimed that he enjoyed virgin girls because they cried. He also claimed to hate women for not being what women are supposed to be. All of his victims have been virgins.

He was only sentenced to 16 years in prison, which was the maximum sentence available in Ecuador. He was murdered in prison in 1994 by the cousin of one of his victims.

  1. Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway
Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway aka The Green River Killer murdered at least 49 women in Washington State. He had a job painting trucks for 30 years and has been married 3 times. He started murdering women in 1982, he was caught in 2001 because of a DNA test. He claimed to have killed 75-80 women along Route 99 in South King County, Washington. He received multiple life sentences. Although he was an extremely religious man he frequently visited prostitutes.

Ridgway would pick up young runaways and prostitutes from Route 99, he would bring them to his home and strangle them, and he would then leave them in remote areas. He got his nickname from the Green River which is where the first of his victims’ bodies turned up. In 2001, King County Sheriff Dave Reichert who was the first officer assigned to the case in 1982, requested a reopening of the case to reexamine the evidence. DNA testing matched the evidence to Ridgway, he was charged with 4 counts of aggravated murder in December 2001 although he eventually plead guilty to 48 counts of aggravated first degree murder.

He made a deal with investigators to reveal where he hid the bodies of several of the young women who hadn’t been found to get out of an execution sentence. He also plead guilty to any future cases where his confession could be substantiated by evidence.

In 2011 another body was found and Ridgway received another life sentence.

  1. Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez aka The Monster of the Andes considered the most prolific serial killer in modern history. He raped and strangled at least 350 young girls in Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia.

Lopez’s mother was a prostitute who kicked him out when he was only 8 years old where he had to fend for himself on the streets. He was raped and practically starving to death when he ended up in a school for orphans. Lopez left the school when he was in his teens, he returned to Columbia where he started stealing cars. He ended up in prison and was brutally gang raped, he ended up killing each of his assailants and was released in 1978.

After his release, Lopez allegedly raped and killed at least 100 girls from Indian tribes throughout the area. He also revealed that he had raped and murdered another 100 throughout Peru and Columbia. Lopez escorted the police to his burial sites. They uncovered 81 bodies.

It’s impossible to figure out exactly how many people Lopez killed, it may have been over 300 people. He was convicted on multiple counts of murder and because of his cooperation he was sentenced to only 16 years. He was released 2 years early, in 1998, because of good behavior. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

  1. Jerome Henry Brudos

Jerome Brudos
Jerome Brudos

Jerome Henry Brudos aka The Lust Killer aka Shoe Fetish Slayer, was a serial killer and practiced necrophilia. When he was young his mother would ignore him and put him down because she wanted a girl. At the age of 5 he began his fetish with women’s shoes and he spent his teenage years in and out of state hospitals. He started his sadistic behavior early by stalking women, choking them until they pass out, and stealing their shoes.

When he was 17, he kept girls as sex slaves in a hole that he had dug. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital for 9 months after being caught. His sexual fantasies revolved around his hatred of women and his mother.

He graduated high school and got married, shortly after he was married he began having migraines and blacking out. He claims the only way to relieve his systems was to break into homes and steal shoes and undergarments.

Between 1968 and 1969, Brudos bludgeoned and strangled 4 women, including Jan Whitney who was driving home for Thanksgiving when her car broke down, Brudos stopped to help but instead he strangled her and had sex with her corpse. He took her body back to his workshop where he dressed and had her body pose for photographs. He amputated her breast to keep as a trophy, he also kept a foot from another victim which he used to model shoes. In the beginning the only evidence consisted of people who witnessed a large man dressed in woman’s clothing. After committing murder, he would dress in heels and masturbate.

Police investigation of local coeds led them to Brudos, he confessed to the murders in detail and was charged with 3 counts of murder and sentenced to life in prison. He died in prison on March 28, 2006.

  1. Joel Rifkin

Joel Rifkin
Joel Rifkin

Joel Rifkin was convicted of murdering 9 women but is thought to have murdered 17, he targeted drug addicted prostitutes in New York City. He also is suspected of responsible for the Long Island Prostitute Murders. He hired prostitutes from Brooklyn and Manhattan although he lived in a suburban town in Long Island.

Rifkin’s mother was a 20 year old college student and his father was a 24 year old army veteran, he was adopted by Benjamin Rifkin and his wife Jeanne. As a kid he was bullied and, although he had an IQ of 128, he did poorly in school because of dyslexia.

Rifkin committed his first murder in 1989, he killed a woman in his home in Long Island, New York. He dismembered her body, removing her teeth, fingerprints and put her head in a paint can, he then left the paint can in the woods of southern New Jersey golf course. Her legs were found further north in New Jersey and dumped her torso and arms into the East River. He may have killed 16 more women over the next 4 years. He would sometimes take his victims back to his Long Island home where he lived with his mother and sister, other times he would kill them in his car.

He was arrested in 1993 and implicated in the murder of the woman whose head he severed, the victims discovered she was a prostitute named Heidi Balch who was his first victim. He was caught driving without license plates and led the police on a high speed chase which ended in Mineola, New York where he crashed into a utility pole in front of the courthouse where he also stood trial. The police discovered a bad smell coming from the back of his truck, it turned out to be the corpse of prostitute/dancer Tiffany Bresciani. Rifkin was found guilty of nine counts of second degree murder in 1994 and sentenced to 203 years to life in prison. He is up for parole February 26, 2197.




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